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VR Sensory Feedback:

Maze Task with Haptic, Visual, & Auditory Feedback


Screenshot of Maze Task in Virtual Reality [2017]


A virtual reality (VR) maze task was developed to test whether different types of sensory feedback (i.e., haptic, visual, and auditory) could improve coordination and speed in virtual training.  Performance in the VR maze was compared to performance on an identical real-world maze. 

My role: Co-Investigator (Team Lead)

- Managed a team of developers to create the virtual maze (Unity, HTC Vive), sensory feedback, and real-world maze 

- Designed and implemented experimental protocols and performance metrics 

- Managed a team of research assistants to conduct experiments

- Synthesized cognitive and human factors research in literature reviews



Johnson, C. I., Bailey, S. K. T., & Whitmer, D. E. (2018). Exploring sensory feedback modalities in virtual reality to promote transfer of training. Poster presented at the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, Florence, Italy.

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